Thursday, 21 January 2010

Gym and Aquacise

Well I LOVED my gym induction!

The instructor was fantastic and used to weigh 23 stone so at least he knows the issues I'm facing and was sooo supportive.

I felt like a right idiot getting up on the bike but he kept telling me off for feeling silly. He even said they are not paid to do personal training but with someone like me if I want him too he'll work out with me if he's about. He said it's more motivating for him to have someone like me who needs and really wants to get the weight off than his normal peeps who just want to get their fitness levels up as they've got the rest of their lives.

Anyway, I can also plot my swimming and my classes on the system in the gym and see how many cals I burn off and ensure I do my 4 sessions a week (gym x 2, swimming with the kids and aquacise) which is perfectly manageable surprisingly.

Went to aquacise yesterday (hence the reason I haven't blogged in a couple of days as I've been at the gym for the last 3eves in a row......ha ha ha never thought I'd say that! Much harder this week but better as I felt like it was really doing something for me.

Weighed in before aqua assuming (secretly hoping) I would have a large weight loss as I'd done 3 sessions of exercise in the week (something I've NEVER done before in my life). Anyway hubby put on a half pound and he'd been in the gym 4 times and eaten better than the last few weeks so he was gutted. I had lost 2lbs which is ok of course but I had hope for more. Even if I'd only lost another half pound to get me out of the 20s and into the teens so I could be out of them FOREVER. Never mind it means next week no matter what I lose I'll be pleased as I'll be out of them!

Well spent an hour and a half in Specsavers tonight due to records not being transferred etc while porr hubby and 2 kids sat in car and got MacDonalds. As I could smell it when I got in the car and really wanted chips as a result! Didn't have chips as we went home and my wonderful gorgeous husband made us quorn curry for tea - yummy :).

We have both decided that we didn't eat enough last week. I had 14 activity pts earnt and had inadvertently 'saved' 20 food pts so ate 34 less than I could have. There is a school of thought that says you do need to eat some of the BPs or at least eat your full daily pts allowance as otherwise your body does the ooh I need to hang on to this as they're not eating enough to fuel etc...

So will eat all my daily pts as well as exercising 4 times this week and drink lots more water and we'll see what happends next week!

Well I'm tired so off to bed now.

Good luck on your journey - whatever that might be as we're all on one!

Soph x

Monday, 18 January 2010

Been Swimming

Well today I got to work and my lovely team (I managed them until I took a different role in the dept) ignored me once again when I said good morning....felt like crap again, but they are soo not worth it :0(

Anyhow, went to hospital for checkup on knee injury from last week's fall on the ice and it's just bruised, phew :0) Lovely male physio (yum) prodded it and poke it til it hurt alot and then said it's that means no excuse not to go to my gym induction tomorrow night now. Soooo nervous! Hubby started last week (he is also on WW but only needs to lose another 14 lbs and he's at goal) when I was supposed to but then I fell so had to rest the aforementioned knee. Feeling a bit more confident in that I have been to Aquacise and swum twice in the last week and noone has stopped and shouted 'what is that fat whale doing in the pool?' which is what I feel like they will!

Went tonight and went in to the pool on my own as hubby was in the gym. Felt fat but then I am and that's why I'm there so I have to just tell myself to get on with it!

Felt fab when I finished as I had done 40 lengths (800m) and after the first 5 lengths I felt I could just carry on and on. It took me 33 mins so I am going to mark this down every time I go to the pool to mark my progress.

Anyway it's late now as mo-in-law was over babysitting and then stayed for a chat so just a quick post.

Made my sugar free jelly for tomorrow and the next day and hubby has been making spicy parsnip soup (low points) and a vegetable soup from the leftover stock and veg from our chicken casserole tea so on track for good filling low point foods this week.

Gym induction tomorrow night and I'll post afterwards (if I can move my arms to type LOL).

Nighty night.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Well, this is me starting a blog!

Well, hello all and welcome to my blog.

I have always enjoyed reading other people's blogs etc and decided today that it would be really good for me to have a diary of my 'long journey back' to the healthy, happy, confident person I was a long time ago!

I am on the WW plan and love it. It is truly the only plan that will work for me, it fits with me lifstyle and you don't have to cut anything out or deny yourself certain types of food on any certain days.

I have always struggled with eating in moderation, brought up on big portions it just never looked right unless my plate was piled high. Hence the weight issues. I always turned to food as well, in times of boredom, depression, happiness...any extremes of emotion meant food as did the days in between.

I remember between about 17 and 22 if I was alone I'd be eating. I used to raid the cupboards and 'treat' myself. Tins of soup, piles of sarnies, bags (not a bag) of crisps, biscuits etc. I could never restrain myself. Even when I used to babysit at 15 I always used to eat half their biscuit tin of choc digestives.

I don't eat like this now and haven't done for quite a few years but the urge is still there. If hubby isn't around for the evening I'll tend to want to eat whatever I can get my hands on.

I am feeling so good after losing 2 and a half stone now that I thought I'd start this and that way I'd never be alone and therefore tempted to eat!

Well welcome to my journey and please leave any suggestions, comments or recipes you think I'd enjoy!

Soph x