Sunday, 17 January 2010

Well, this is me starting a blog!

Well, hello all and welcome to my blog.

I have always enjoyed reading other people's blogs etc and decided today that it would be really good for me to have a diary of my 'long journey back' to the healthy, happy, confident person I was a long time ago!

I am on the WW plan and love it. It is truly the only plan that will work for me, it fits with me lifstyle and you don't have to cut anything out or deny yourself certain types of food on any certain days.

I have always struggled with eating in moderation, brought up on big portions it just never looked right unless my plate was piled high. Hence the weight issues. I always turned to food as well, in times of boredom, depression, happiness...any extremes of emotion meant food as did the days in between.

I remember between about 17 and 22 if I was alone I'd be eating. I used to raid the cupboards and 'treat' myself. Tins of soup, piles of sarnies, bags (not a bag) of crisps, biscuits etc. I could never restrain myself. Even when I used to babysit at 15 I always used to eat half their biscuit tin of choc digestives.

I don't eat like this now and haven't done for quite a few years but the urge is still there. If hubby isn't around for the evening I'll tend to want to eat whatever I can get my hands on.

I am feeling so good after losing 2 and a half stone now that I thought I'd start this and that way I'd never be alone and therefore tempted to eat!

Well welcome to my journey and please leave any suggestions, comments or recipes you think I'd enjoy!

Soph x


  1. Hi Soph! Well done on your loss so far! I think we have a lot in common, in that I can totally relate to stuffing my face when my hubby turns his back lol! I'm about to turn 33 on the 26th of this month and have just re-joined WW (for the umpteenth time!) and am determined that this is the year for me! I also have 2 children, Emily 13 and Ethan 3. My joining weight is 19st 1lb and goal weight is 11 stone. It will be interesting to see how someone else in a similar situation is getting on with their journey... All the best, Joanne x

  2. Good on you for starting a blog. I find it so useful to blabber on about what's going on in my head and put things into perspective.

    Brilliant job on the weightloss so far. I look forward to reading more about your journey soon.

    Best of luck. x